As of today, we count 2.6 million self-employed Canadians, 543 000 of which are from the province of Quebec. This is more than 14% of Quebec’s population and this percentage is still on the rise.

This constant rise of self-employement has become an undeniable phenomenon which is transforming our economy and way of life.

Unfortunately, today’s work structure is far from well adapted to this new reality.

To be self-employed may offer several advantages but, daily isolation, a healthy balance between the professional and personnal life, a precarious income, the lack of resources and networking are often huge sources of stress.

“Our mission is to improve working conditions for the self-employed by offering an ideal professional environment and providing the necessary tools for your success.”

If you are looking for a more convenient place to work from than your home, internet cafés or the local library, our coworking formula will suite your needs perfectly.

Our coworking spaces are situated in the South-Ouest of Montreal, near the Atwater market, Lachine Canal and Place St-Henri metro station. With a total of 3000 square feet, our loft style locations give us the opportunity to welcome you in an environment that facilitates collaboration, exchange, creativity, meetings and new business development.

The IDEAL coworking solution will help you :
  • Break free from isolation
  • Meet your clients in an inspiring and professional location
  • Hold work meetings and events
  • Offer training and promo activities
  • Create and maintain a professional network
  • Have access to an affordable, tax detuctable, work space
  • Have access to valuble resources

IDEAL Coworking is above all a place for innovation. We strive to create a favorable environment for developing new ideas within an open minded atmosphere of business collaboration.

We believe in collective intelligence, which means sharing knowledge and skills for the common growth of eachother as individuals. IDEAL Coworking is a place of complimentarity for the common benefit of our priviledged members.

IDEAL coworking is more than a simple office space. It’s a professional environment with a friendly touch, for everyone’s liberty and independence.

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